Analytical monitoring system for medium
and big cable (HFC & GPON) operators


Explore business value:

  • cost and churn reduction,
  • efficient network monitoring,
  • constant QoS and CX monitoring,
  • precise problem tracking and fast outages recovery,
  • effective planning growth of network capacity,
  • minimize unnecessary „truck roll”.


System description

Monitoring system for HFC & GPON network with strong analytical background:

  • real-time CPE monitoring and troubleshooting,
  • real-time alerting,
  • historical data for each monitored HFC & GPON device,
  • proactively detects service impairments and trends,
  • advanced reporting of whole HFC/GPON infrastructure including CPE.

System features


Application areas

The system in a typical environment is implemented for the following groups of users: 

  • Help Desk / Call Center,
  • NOC (Network Operation Center),
  • technical service, technical team in the field,
  • infrastructure administrators,
  • marketing and planning.

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