NetQM for ISP

Measurement for significant churn reduction


How it works?

The specialised hardware probes perform measurements according to the test scenario.
The measurement results are sent to a central server where they are processed and presented in the form of various reports. Information about measurement values and reports is available via the central console.
Built-in alarm module allows to define the action when a defined threshold value is exceeded.


What we measure?

  • TCP/UDP statistics - separately for each direction (thoughput, jitter, delay, loss, etc),
  • wi-fi quality and channel utilization (2.4 and 5GHz),
  • DNS performance,
  • video streaming performance,
  • web browsing performance,
  • VoIP MOS,
  • implementation of© agent,
  • other utilities including custom made tests (by user).

Technical value

  • end-to-end performance from the network to the application from network layer to application layer of OSI modelreliable last-mile IP measurement,
  • reliable last-mile IP measurement,
  • SLA testing for selected services,
  • proactive alert detection via SLA thresholds,
  • easy Plug and Play in every location even for limited skills technician,
  • verification of the quality of services for individual subscribers.

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