NetQM Data Retention System




How it works?

Depending on local law all ISP have to store electronic telecommunications data for at least six months and at most 24 months for investigating, detecting and prosecuting serious crime.
NetQM DRS (Data Retention System) collects data from CMTS and CGN devices and other systems and stores all necessary data to clearly indicate subscriber.
DRS is available as internal corporate system or can be shared among Authorities.


What we collect?

  • IP address – Device ID corellation,
  • Carrier-Grade-NAT TCP sessions,
  • NetFLOW sessions (depending on PE or CE).

Overall ISP value

  • Meeting the legislator's requirements,
  • online access to IP-Device correlation,
  • online access to CGN logs,
  • WEB interface for both internal users and Authorities,
  • fully automated solution integrating data from many sources (CMTS, DHCP, Radius),
  • integration with CRM systems.

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